Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

Nov. 2021 Board Letter

Renewal time is once again upon us.  We hope that everyone has had a chance to spend many pleasant hours at the club this year.

After the Letter from the Board was sent out last year, we had the good fortune to find a contractor that could do the concrete work on the shooting ranges.  Brooms and dust pans have been placed on these bays to make clean-up of the spent brass easier.  We would appreciate it if you would please clean-up your brass after you are done shooting.

Pistol/Rifle bays 4 and 5 received new gravel.  And if you have been to the club you have noticed that the gate was moved closer to Burton Lane.  This was due to people coming down to the old roadbed and using it as their personal dump.  Another improvement has been a new battery-operated clay thrower installed on the shotgun field.  We hope you get the chance to try it out soon.

Again, Bob Whaley brought his training to the club with 2 excellent classes. John Murphy also provided training this year.  John Murphy will be back in April 2022.  Watch your e-mail for additional training opportunity dates and times.

We would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the items to remember when you come to the club:

·        You are required to wear your badge/entrance card any time you are on club property.

·        Please take a few seconds to review the signs on the shelters to see if there are new items to be aware of.

·        If there are closure signs and you are not sure what they mean – please err on the side of more caution/safety rather than less.

·        Please be courteous to all others on the ranges.

·        Steel core ammo and 50 BMG ammo is not allowed to be shot at our steel targets. This includes common green tip AR ammo as it has a steel core penetrator.

We look forward to another successful and safe year and we hope that you all renew your membership.


The Board of Directors

Martinsville Sportsmans Conservation Club