Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

2020 Board Letter for the upcoming year 2021

Martinsville Sportsman’s Conservation Club

Letter from the Board of Directors

Martinsville Sportsman’s Conservation Club

 November 2020

Time for renewal is here once again.  We hope that everyone has had a chance to spend many pleasant hours at the club this year.

We urge you to make sure we have your gate card number and a valid email address listed on your renewal application.  We plan to use email to communicate more often going forward.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the steel targets that have been added to all of the ranges.  Plate racks and dueling trees are on all of the shorter ranges and “Know you limits” have been added to the 100 and 350 yard rifle ranges.  Also please remember that rifle caliber rounds are allowed to be shot at steel only on the 100 yard and the 350 yard ranges.  No steel penetrating rounds (green tip) are to be used on any steel.

The Club acquired title to the land between Burton Lane and our present gate earlier this year.  We will be installing a new gate closer to Burton Lane by the end of December 2020.  We had plans for concreting the floors of the range shelters and these were completed in November 2020.  There are other projects being discussed but no firm plans as of now until we see what the New Year brings. 

Again this year we had several national level trainers at the club.  Bob Whaley conducted 4 excellent classes. (1 pistol, 1 carbine, 1 home defense, and 1 vehicle defense).  Also Tom Givens conducted an instructor training class. And Dave Spaulding again brought excellent training to the club.  We will be having Mr. Whaley back next year to conduct several interesting and challenging classes.  Watch your e-mail for the dates and times. 

We would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the items to remember when you come to the club:

·        You are required to wear your badge/entrance card any time you are on club property.

·        Please take a few seconds to review the signs on the shelters to see if there are new items to be aware of.

·        If there are closure signs and you are not sure what they mean – please err on the side of more caution/safety rather than less.

·        Please be courteous to all others on the ranges.

·        Steel core ammo and 50 BMG ammo is not allowed to be shot at our steel targets. This includes common green tip AR ammo as it has a steel core penetrator.

We look forward to another successful and safe year and we hope that you all renew your membership.


The Board of Directors

Martinsville Sportsman’s Conservation Club