Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

6 Years of Improvements

In 2015:
  • We made a major investment in range road reinforcement along Indian Creek after spring 2015 flood damage...not much fun in and of itself, but kind of important if you want to get to any of our ranges!
  • Added new shotgun clay pigeon launchers and covered shooting stations to our existing shotgun area.  A total of four newly built stations now exist.    
  • In January 2015 we installed additional berms/backstops/wire target backing and steel targets for the 100 yard and 200 yard distances on our 300 M range, effectively adding another 100 yard and 200 yard shooting option in addition to our existing 100 yard range. 
  • Another steel silhouette target was added to the right side of the 300 M berm (an existing hanging steel gong is to the left)   

The following photo was just taken and posted on the INGO forum by forum and club member "HAMMER"...thanks for use of the photo sir!  These new mini berms have been well used in 2015 and even required additional soil to build them up...a good problem to have as it shows they were well used.  

Original writeup at time of our new 300 M range opening...Nov. 2013

After a long gestation...the 300 M range is done and open for use.  

The logging, grading, drainage work, a HUGE impact berm, a drivable access road to the berm for target changes, a turn around/parking area at the berm, new parking area up front, perimeter fence/gate, safety signage and a fully "furnished"/shelter house are all in place.

All earthwork was done by Lee Weddle of Weddle Farm Drainage, Morgantown who built our other ranges. 

The photo above was taken on opening day, Sat. Nov. 9, 2013 showing a great view from our new shelter, the berm in the distance, access road to the rear turnaround area and new grass that is slowly filling in.  The pre-fab metal shelter house sits atop a mound purpose built for it.  

The impact berm is 25 feet tall and more than 100 feet wide from left to right.  White posts with wire netting between were installed at the berm corresponding to the 10 openings in the shelter house.  Shooters need only attach paper targets to the wire netting with club provided binder clips available in the need to lug target stands down range.

We installed one 22" diameter AR500 steel gong at the berm, more are planned at shorter distances in the future.

Martinsville's own: Brad Beaton, owner of "Backwoods Design Co."(317-460-8013) custom built and installed all the "furniture" in that shelter. The eight shooting bench/seat sets are modeled after those used by the Army Rangers at Ft. Benning, GA. 

Three 12 foot sitting/gear benches toward the rear and two large rifle racks complete that shelter's woodwork. Two bays on the left end as you face the berm, were left open for prone, standing or kneeling shooters. 

We liked Brad's work so well, we had him build and install eight of these new shooting bench/seat sets in three of our existing shelters which allow rifles...two in the 100 yard Range shelter and three each in the shelters on Pistol Ranges 2 & 3
 for a total of 16 sets facility wide.  New sitting/gear benches were also added to our four existing shelters.  Some of the shooting benches had their heights adjusted in 2015 to allow for taller shooters who found existing benches too short.

Safety signage...posted for this range was carefully designed with the help of an an NRA range consultant who visited our facility recently.  Please pay attention to the large swinging gate as it designates whether range is HOT or a CEASE FIRE is underway...USE THE GATE.

  • When gate is swung to the left, it allows vehicles/or walking on the road to the berm...a large CEASE FIRE sign is evident and access to the shooting shelter is blocked at the same time.
  • When gate is swung to the right, it prevents vehicles/or walking on the road to the berm...a large HOT / RANGE ACTIVE sign is evident and access to the shooting shelter is open.
  • PLEASE do move the gate accordingly when you are using the range.
  • Read and follow the unique rules specific to this range, unique due to the difficulty of seeing a person 300 + meters down range. 
  • During Cease Fire, range shelter must be completely one is allowed to remain in the shelter when others are down range...use Cease Fire waiting area/bench setup outside the fence.
  • Range perimeter fencing has RIFLE RANGE / KEEP OUT signage on every post (all 92 of them!), so hunters or hikers in the surrounding woods don't walk into the line of fire.   

 In 2017-2020
  • We constructed two new 50+ yard ranges adjacent to our two existing 35 yard ranges at the rear of the club.  By October 2017 all grading/drainage and stoning of ranges was completed, shelters and signage up.  Benches and rifle racks were installed in early 2018. 
  • Parking was expanded to support the four side by side rear can now drive right up to any of the four shelters, unload your gear and park your vehicle there.
  • A temporary pull-off/unload parking spot was added next to our original 100 yard range.  This makes it easy to unload gear without blocking the road, but members are expected to park vehicle in regular parking area once unloading/loading is done.
  • In addition to our flush toilet bathroom near the entry/clubhouse area, we have added three new Porta-Johns closer to the by the Shotgun Area/Pistol Bay 1 and two more to the rear range area.
  • A stockade fence was added in 2018 to the road side of the shotgun range to keep errant pellets from showering the 100 yard range on the other side of the road.
      . In 2019 shredded rubber was added to the berms
        on the 300 yard range to slow erosion from impacting            rounds 
  • Steel plate racks in various configurations have been added to many of our ranges...enjoy but abide by the caliber signage on the ranges.
  • In November 2020, we added concrete to the shelter house floors on many of our ranges.  It is hoped this helps with picking up spent shell casings.
  • In 2020 we acquired from the county, the small triangle of land between Burton Lane and our original gate, giving us control of this former "no man's land".
  • Once we owned the land, in December 2020, we added a new motorized gate, closer to Burton lane to prevent "parkers" from loitering and leaving trash near the former gate.  On leaving the club, pull up closer to the gate so it will automatically open.  Existing gate cards are programmed to work with the new gate.