Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

2021 Training Programs

The club has been able to make top caliber firearms training available the last few years.  2020 presented challenges with the COVID shutdown and now 2021 presents its own challenges in terms of ammo prices and availability. 

John Murphy’s class requirement is only 250 rounds and Bob Whaley’s classes are scaled back to half their previous round counts.  You can check the individual class requirement on the class outlines linked below.

We think training is every bit as important now as ever.  Whether you’re a novice or experienced shooter, these courses will be of tremendous benefit.  On top of that, if you like to shoot, the training is great fun!

Our 2021 training schedule is listed below:


Bob Whaley  (More info, click here>>  Whaley Training)

May 22/23     Pistol 1 (Click here>> Whaley Pistol 1)

June 19/20    Carbine 1 (Click here>> Whaley Carbine 1)

Sept 11/12     Pistol 2 (Click here>> (Whaley Pistol 2)

 Oct  16/17     Carbine 1 (Click here>> (Whaley Carbine 2)

 Cost of all Bob Whaley classes is $225 for two days.


John Murphy / FPF Training

April 24/25     Concealed Carry: Street Encounter Skills & Tactics

Please visit John’s website for a description of the course and information regarding John.                                                                          

Please register via John’s website. Cost is $425 for two days.                         

Please register via John’s website. Cost is $425 for two days. to add text, images, and other content