Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

Results of Jan 1, 2019 new member drawing and separate auction

Drawing: 20 new members chosen from from about 80 submissions...each got their membership for the new member cost of $175 ($125 membership + $50 one time electronic gate card expense).

Auction:   5 additional members who won spots via auction, brought in more than $11,000 with over $10,000 of that going to Morgan County 4H Shooting Sports after deducting for regular new membership cost. It was a good day for 4H.

Welcome 25 new will get your electronic gate cards in about 30 days.

No other openings for 2019 will be available beyond the sponsored type offered 1/1/19

The plan as communicated to existing members in their renewal packets mailed mid Nov.!!

Sponsored member drawing for 2019

20 new member openings will be made available via a Jan 1 drawing at 10 AM at the Morgan County Fairgrounds building on Hospital Drive just off 37, next to Morgan Hospital.  

Person to be sponsored must show proof of being an NRA member and having a concealed carry permit from any state.  Only one person can be sponsored by an existing member.
Sponsoring member AND person they want to sponsor must be present for drawing.  Sponsor must show club ID and winning new member will fill out membership form and pay regular new member dues: ($125 dues/year + $50 one time electronic gate card fee).

Sponsoring member must vouch for person they want to sponsor and BOTH sponsor’s existing membership and newly sponsored member are on probation for 2 years…if a problem develops with new member, both that person and sponsoring member are subject to board action within the first 2 years.  New membership ID’s etc. will be mailed by end of Jan

AUCTION: for 5 additional memberships to the highest bidder…

Auction will follow the drawing described above.

Same requirements for new member to have NRA membership and any state carry permit.

Same requirement for existing member to vouch for and be subject to disciplinary action if board deems it during the first 2 years.

Proceeds from auction above and beyond normal $125/year + $50 one time gate card fee will be donated to Morgan County 4H Shooting Sports.